Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions

Keep cool and efficient with PowerMate’s top-tier air conditioning services. Perfect for enhancing comfort and energy savings.

Design & Installation

We offer customised design and installation services to ensure your air conditioning system meets the specific requirements of your commercial space. Our experts work closely with you to design a system that maximises efficiency and comfort.

System Upgrades

Is your current air conditioning system outdated or inefficient? Our upgrade services can enhance your existing setup, incorporating the latest technology to improve performance, reduce energy consumption, and lower operational costs.

Maintenance & Repairs

Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of your air conditioning system. Our comprehensive maintenance services include routine inspections, cleaning, and tune-ups. In case of a malfunction, our repair services ensure minimal downtime and quick restoration of comfort.

Smart HVAC Systems

Embrace the future with our smart HVAC solutions. These systems offer advanced control features, including remote access, automated scheduling, and energy usage monitoring, providing you with greater control and efficiency.

Other Services