Industrial Switchboard Upgrades

Ensure enhanced safety and reliability with expert Switchboard Upgrades in South East Queensland. Prevent downtime & electrical hazards.

Maximise Uptime

Keep your operations running smoothly with our expert switchboard maintenance. Regular inspections and maintenance minimise the risk of unexpected breakdowns, ensuring your industrial processes remain uninterrupted and productive.

Enhanced Safety Standards

Safety is paramount in industrial settings. Our thorough maintenance routines ensure your switchboards meet the highest safety standards, preventing electrical hazards and protecting your workforce and equipment from potential risks.

Customised Maintenance Plans

Every industrial setup has unique requirements. Powermate offers tailored maintenance plans that fit your specific needs, providing flexible scheduling and targeted services to ensure optimal switchboard performance and longevity.

Proactive Problem Prevention

Avoid costly repairs and downtime with our proactive approach. Our advanced diagnostic tools and experienced technicians identify and address potential issues before they escalate, saving you time and money while keeping your systems in top condition.

Other Services